Fifteen-year-old Tommy is anticipating the best summer of his life. He has a loving Italian-American family and is falling in love with the hottest girl in the neighborhood.

One steamy July night, teenage brothers Tommy and Eddie Ragusa are devastated by what they discover while spying on a neighbor through her sliding glass door. Eddie disappears after this, leaving Tommy to figure out how to keep his family from falling apart.

Family bonds are tested, and Tommy learns just how fragile a family can be, and that becoming an adult is much more complicated than he imagined. He's hoping his love for Maria will get him through the turmoil of his family. But he soon learns about jealousy when the neighborhood hotshot sets his eyes on Maria, and he fears losing her to this older, handsome jock.

It turns out, completing the puzzle for the adult world isn't so easy - or neat - as some pieces don't fit and other pieces are lost in the fray.

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Rob Lorenzo is an independent author and English teacher who resides in sunny South Florida with his wife, Rose and Golden Doodle, Luna.


Born in Queens, N.Y., Rob’s family moved to the suburbs of Long Island seeking the American dream of owning a home and having a big back yard (much like the families in his book, Sunday Gravy). He spent his childhood playing outside, riding bikes, exploring the woods in and around his home, and visiting the beautiful beaches all over the region.


After graduating from high school, Rob attended SUNY New Paltz with the intention of becoming a journalist. He took courses in creative writing and began writing short stories, but his sights soon turned to radio and television communications leading him to a career in the advertising and media industry in Manhattan. Living in Manhattan’s East Village in the 1980’s, Rob enjoyed experiencing the gentrification of this vibrant and exciting neighborhood with an emerging art and music scene. He spent his single years going to nightclubs, listening to punk rock and attending as many live music shows as he could at local bars and music clubs.


Rob married and moved back to the suburbs in the 90’s where he and his wife started their family, but restlessness settled in and an urge to “shake things up” resulted in a brave move to Florida for the allure of year-round warm weather and tropical beaches. Soon after, Rob decided he wanted to give back and worked his way into a teaching career.


He and his wife also enjoy traveling and have visited countries all over Europe, the Caribbean, and has traveled as far as Bora Bora in Tahiti. With his Italian-American background, Rob already had the love of good food ingrained in him but a part time gig as a wine consultant for a few years broadened his love and appreciation for fine wines. Rob and his family have visited vineyards in Italy, Napa and Sonoma, and his favorite part of any day is spending time with his wife and two daughters enjoying great meals and delicious wines at home, abroad, or at one of the many excellent restaurants all over South Florida.


Rob is beginning work on his second book, inspired from the recent worldwide pandemic